Criminal Country |About


Welcome to Criminal Country, the original crime based rpg to hit the net. Here in Criminal Country there is plenty to do. You can do anything from crimes, to make cash, to joining a gang and rising to the top. Those who don't last here are the true losers. Here are other things you can count on in Criminal Country:
  • No Down Time- Here at Criminal Country we can promise there will be no down time what so ever!(Server permitting)
  • No Resets- There will never be any resets here. What happens in CC stays in CC!
  • Free to Play- Criminal Country is completely free to all who wish to sign up and always will be!
  • Community- Come, meet, and socialize with hundreds of players in Criminal Country's Forums and IRC!
  • Stunts- Go make some cash or cause a little terror by committing one of over 50 crimes with hundreds of outcomes!
  • Racing- Wanting to climb the ranks? Simply don't like a hater? Race him/her and break their spirits!
  • Items- Own tons of items that are actually in real life!
  • Stocks- Invest in a realistic stock market and watch your money rise!
  • Hispital- Sometimes you lose some, and when you do you will be put here until you can be repaired!
  • Gym - Go to the gym and practice your Power, Speed, Awareness, and Work Ethic to become one of the best criminals around!
  • Missions - Try different missions to see if you have what it takes to climb the ranks!
  • Jobs - Get a job to make some cash for new items!
  • Learning- Learn new abilities that could just help you with some harder crimes/school courses down the road!
  • Russian Roulette- Here you go hardcore and do russian roulette for pure hard cash!
  • Markets- Buy or sell your items, tokens, or go auction your items as well!
  • Bank - Need a place to stash your cash? Well for a low, one time payment, you can!
  • Newspaper - Read the Criminal Times to see the most up to date info that is happening in Criminal Country!
  • Properties - Buy new housing to make yourself feel better, or just to show off!
  • Travelling - Travel to over a dozen different locations around the world to buy new item, have new places to commit crime, and enjoy the world!
  • Hall of fame- Become one of the greatest skaters alive and get your name established in the Hall of Fame!
  • Contests- There will be at least, 1 contest per month, and for some lucky skater there will be awesome prizes!
  • Original- Criminal Country is a new revolution of online games being as it was all hand crafted !
  • Server- This online text based game has a very strong server with little to no lag what so ever!
  • Staff- Our staff was hand chosen by the owners to guarantee a helpful experience for any curious players!