Name on yer Tombstone: Yer E-Mail(It BETTER work!):
What ya want fer Secret Passcode?: Well, hurry up den.. you wants dat Promo?
What was dat Secret Code again? Yo.. Peek 'tween yer legs. Is you..
Who Brought ya here? They gave ya a Referral ID...

Guess You's not da sort what likes to take
orders....Who knows, maybe you's will last
a few more minutes den we thoughts ya
BUT.. Don't be Tryna come to dis Country and NOT PLAY. NO DEAD WEIGHT.
We WILL set you up in some Cement Shoes, ya hear?
Yeh... Right... We see 'bout dat.....
So, you's made it this far here, eh? You's wanna take yer chances in da Country... Where crime is da
Norm, and every corner you's turn.. Could be yer last? Well, das a good thing... We likes Fresh
Fish... err.. um.. Meat. So, signs up wit yer credos, and make sure ya electronic type mail works, cuz
da God Bird is gonna sends you's a bit of a "Special Delivery" to dat. Dis Delivery don't gonna be
made in person, ya hear? It's whats special, ya hear... to make your account works....
If you's don' get dis Electronic Mail Delivery, hit up da Godbird
HERE and he'll tink bout lookin into it.
Oh.. almost fergots.. if you wanna bit better start, use dis here promo thing.... ccfriends it might help...

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